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13 Halloween Movies You Need to Watch

Monday, October 13, 2014Your Friend Elle

There's always the usual batch on TV, some of which are on this list, but then there are the films you forget about over the years. Or you're like me and your forget about it till Christmas (when it's too late). Though one could make the argument that Halloween should last longer...any volunteers? Some of the listed below are childhood classics and some are frightful thrillers. These are in no particular order. Comment below with your favorites! Happy Halloween!!!

1) Pan's Labyrinth
I won't lie, this took me a while to get through,
but it's definitely worth it. The mix of the fantastic
and realism is pure genius! Suffer through the subtitles
and watch this magic!

2) Halloween Town
This was my childhood favorite Halloween film!
It's cheese, but it's the cheese that knows it is.
Get ready for some cooky quirky fun!

3) The Haunting
Not to be taken too seriously, but it's seriously great
fun! The cast is lovely and talented, the script and
effects are dated but marvelous fun!

4) Hocus Pocus
Don't lie, you've all watching this at one point or another.
That or you've been living under a rock...I need not explain
any further.

5) Sleepy Hollow
I'm sorry to Sleepy Hollow TV fans, but this is my
favorite Sleepy Hollow creation. Johnny Depp as
Ichabod Crane is amusing and entertaining.

6) Casper
This is so heart warming and charming that you can't
not love it! You don't have a heart if the dance scene
doesn't break your heart.

7) E.T.
I don't know if you if you'd love love love this film.
It's the only film that can make me cry. E.T.
needs to phone back to Earth and start making some
more heartwarming films. *cough* Steven *cough*

8) Practical Magic
A lot of people forget about this film when they think
of Halloween films, but it's pre-Charmed sisterly witchery
with some family drama mixed in. Watch it if you haven't
as of yet.

9) The Worst Witch
Those of you who know about this film know it's SUPER cheese!
I mean to the max! It's adorable and a laugh, and purely
the reason you should be watching...on YouTube.

10) The Shining
Who hasn't seen this? I was lucky enough to see it young,
freak out and then watch it again when I was older in film class
on a HUGE screen! It was as awesome as it sounds!

11) The Grudge
Don't forget about this lovely film post-Buffy.
It was the first project Sarah Michelle Gellar
was the lead on after Buffy (we can forget about
Scooby Doo). Sarah does fantastic as a scream Queen,
would you really have expected anything less?

12) The Craft
I don't know about you, but I would have hung out
with these chicks had they gone to my school. It's
everything you want from a teen bad witch film!

13) The Langoliers
As a kid this film was super scary! I mean legit scary.
As an adult, not so much, but it's still creepy and
worth the dated effects for the spooky Steven King thrill ride.

                                                                          Your Friend,

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  1. I had completely forgotten about The Haunting. I think I have the dvd somewhere. Also Hocus Pocus and Caspar are must watch halloween movies every year for me. Great list



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