Meet my Guy

Everyone, meet Seth! A.K.A. my honey!

So, we met in June of 2020 and we hit it off instantly. Going into the first night of meeting, I thought there was mutual interest in one another… well come to find out months later that wasn’t the case. Turns out, he was just trying to see if I was the girl from Starbucks he ordered from at the drive thru station.

Story time… so I work at Starbucks. When COVID first hit, Starbucks closed indoors and people could only order through the drive thru, and at this time Starbucks was doing free coffee for health workers (side note – he’s in school for Pharmacy). Anyhow, apparently him and his mom came through the drive thru line and asked about the free coffee. And I guess our interaction went a little something like this…

Him: “Are you guys doing free coffee for health care workers?”

Me: “We sure are. Tall iced or hot coffee!”

Him: “Wow that is so amazing! Thank you so much for all that you’re doing!”

Me: “Oh my gosh what? We’re just little barista’s working at Starbucks. You health care workers are doing everything! Thank you for all you’re doing!”

Sooo… when our friend set us up months later she mentioned to him I work at Starbucks and he thought, “I wonder if this is the girl from Starbucks.” So, to prove himself right, he said yes to us meeting. Turns out he was right and I was, in fact, the girl he ordered from at the drive thru station. And here we are almost a year in and happier than ever. He truly is something else and I am the luckiest girl.

A few things about Seth…

  • He’s the most understanding, caring, thoughtful, funny, supportive guy who has the BIGGEST heart and is the best listener
  • He’s in school at the University of Minnesota Duluth pursuing his Doctorate degree in Pharmacy
  • Unbelievably determined and motivated. I have never met someone as driven as him
  • He’s a genius. Literally.
  • His smile lights up any room
  • He does his laundry more than anyone I know
  • Adrenaline junky & super duper adventurous
  • Last and certainly not least… he loves so so big


Your Friend Elle

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