6 Things You Have to Do Before You Travel


I leave in about four days to go to Europe for my friend’s wedding. Even with all my planning for the last few months, I still have stuff to do! Aside from the usual pack your bags, there are things we sometimes forget about, especially when you don’t have months and months to think about it. This is a quick list of the most important things you should do before you travel anywhere!

1. Put You Mail on Hold

Put your mail on hold so that it doesn’t pile up in front of your door or in your mail box. Aside from the eye sore of having a pile, you do this so that no one knows you’re not home. I’ve very luckily never been robbed *knocks on wood* but anyone knows if you have a pile of mail sitting for days and days you’re likely not home. You can put your mail on hole on-line these days for most locations. 

junk_mail_pile_1Image from http://www.blogs.stopjunkmail.org.uk

2. Alert Your Bank & Credit Card Company

Let your bank and credit card company know that you’ll be away else they may freeze your account when they see a charge from an out of the ordinary location. Also check if you’ll get charged for using your card out of the country. You may want to switch to another card without fees.

3. Credit Cards

Write down your credit card numbers. This way if they get lost, you can contact your credit card company and know what card was lost! Also, take out any credit cards or cards you won’t use on your trip. I always take out my Kohl’s and Target cards that I know I won’t use on vacation. Lightens your bag and if something does get lost, you haven’t lost everything!

4. Make a Copy of Your Passport

I always make a copy so that heaven forbid I loose it I have a copy. I give a copy to my mom and keep a copy in my suitcase. Always better to be safe than sorry!


5. Pay Your Bills

Make sure your rent, credit cards, car and all those payments are made before you leave! Last thing you want to think about it whether your car is paid or not while you’re in Rome.

6. Travel Converters & Adapters

Which ever you have, take it with you and make sure it works for all the countries you are visiting! You don’t want to get there and have to buy one when you have a perfectly good one waiting at home!

lwqmd5zuwuosrouznzfgImage from http://www.lifehacker.com.au

Your Friend, Elle

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