7 Things I Loved About Terminator Genisys


WARNING: Spoilers ahead! I saw Terminator Genisys this past weekend and I thought it was incredible! Totally action packed! And Sarah Connor was my favorite as per usual. Here’s 7 things I loved about the film…


1. Sarah Connor 

They made Sarah a total bad ass. She’s a bad ass in the other films, but it’s nice that they stuck to that! She doesn’t need to be saved by anyone, ever. And Emilia Clarke totally brought her A game!


2. Action Packed

The likelihood of you being bored in this film is zilch. Like really. It’s a train that does not stop or slow down at any time.


3. Kyle Reese

Jai Courtney did a fantastic job as Kyle Reese. His performance was completely believable and even funny at moments. Perfect casting!

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4. Comic Relief

They weren’t afraid to throw some comic relief in the mix. Action movies sometimes get too bogged down with fight sequences. It’s nice to throw in some funny bits.


5. Throwbacks

Of course they had to do throwbacks! It’s Terminator for goodness sake! In the gif he’s saying ‘I’ll be back,’ if you couldn’t tell.


6. Time Travel

The time travel didn’t get convoluted. It could have easily gotten messy, but they kept it pretty clean and simple. Oh and J.K. Simmons.


7. Visual Effects

The visual effects are totally on point! Like look at that! It’s freaking awesome! Also SPOILERS!

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