A Lesson We Could All Learn from Cinderella

From the reviews I had read on other sites this film wasn’t getting outstanding ovations. However, I think they overlooked the whole point of Cinderella. She was built on the ideal of ‘have courage and be kind’, which is the main theme of the film. Recently I worked at a place that wasn’t all that kind to me. In my own way I felt like Cinderella living with the Evil Stepsisters. It was a trying time to say the very least. In spite of this I had to stay strong and make a grand effort to be kind.

Kindness is not a trait of the weak, it is a trait of the strong. If you’ve even had to try really hard to be kind you most certainly know what I mean. After being belittled by her Wicked Stepmother she still was kind to not only her but even to the field mice who were her only friends. Instead of making the constant abuse harden her or make her a bitter person, she perservered. That kind of abuse eats away at a person, I don’t care who you are, it does. Kindness in the face of all else is a superpower no matter which way you slice it.

Then comes the moment when all seems to be lost, Cinderella cannot go to the ball. In this moment Cinderella is broken. Her mother’s dress torn, she’s crying her eyes out, and more importantly her spirit seems to be cracking. Yet, Cinderella being the product of hope is still kind to an old woman in rags who asks for a drink. Cinderella never put herself before others, she always thinks of others first. And as you may have guessed, she gets the old woman a drink and shortly after reveals herself as her Fairy Godmother.

Upon arriving at the ball Cinderella gets nervous. Who wouldn’t?!? She says something along the lines of ‘I’m just a girl’ to her lizard footman. To which he responds ‘and I just a lizard’. It’s a yes, you are just a girl, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t more. The belief in one’s self.


After the ball, the situation at home becomes even worse for poor Cinderella. However, though I pity Cinderella, she does not pity herself. She remains true to herself and is always herself. At one point she’s asked why she puts up with it all and she responds that she is caring for the house her parents loved. In essence she’s trying to keep the memories alive for herself. She remains hopeful and chooses to remember the good memories like her parents and the ball. Many of you could say this is denial, but I think this is strong will. To keep strong and have courage in the face of all else.

At the end of the film she not only stands up for herself but she is a big enough person to forgive her Wicked Stepmother. Forgiveness is hard, and to be honest I’m not all that great at it. So to see someone else forgive was touching for me. The whole film was to be honest. I think I cried on and off every fifteen minutes or so. So if you do take something away from this film, I hope it is to ‘have courage and be kind’. The end.

Your Friend, Elle

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