Wondercon 2015 Recap – Day 3


 After the huge day I had on Saturday, I decided to take it easy on Sunday. I had brunch with The Nerdy Girlie and the Nerdy Geographer. The Nerdy Geographer, aka Sarah, wrote the Amy Pond Kissogram/Black Widow cosplay and the Tips or Every Cosplay article for me. After brunch I went in search of incredible cosplays. Here are […]

Wondercon 2015 Recap – Day 2

wondercon 2015

Saturday at Wondercon is always the biggest and most taxing day. Not only was there a lot of panels to see, I had a lot of people to meet! Saturday morning was the first ever Geek Girl Brunch for the Los Angeles chapter! I was thrilled to meet and greet everyone. I had even specially […]

Kiss & Makeup: Skye (Agents of Shield) Tutorial


  This tutorial was requested by a member of the Agents of Shield Cosplayer group on Facebook. It’s my first requested tutorial so I’m really excited about this! Super quick and easy tutorial that anyone can do! Inspired by the photo in the banner above. Make sure to check out my other Marvel inspired tutorials […]

Fandom Painting with Stephanie + Giveaway!


Around the time of the #IWantMyNerdHQ campaign Stephanie’s art had come to my attention. She had painted Zac Levi and I remember the painting on Twitter going viral! All I can remember thinking at the time was damn this girl is talented! Since then I’ve followed her on Twitter and Facebook, which you can find […]

Cosplay Tips & Tricks: Amy Pond Kissogram & Black Widow


I had originally met Sarah at the SherlockeDCC party in 2014. Black Widow-ed out, she definitely stood out to me, so when she reached out about doing this post I was delighted! Before I stop yammering and let Sarah take over, note that if you’d like to do a similar post please contact me at […]