Under-Rated Actor: Dominic Cooper


Once in a while I like to highlight an actor or actress who I think has been left out of the spotlight. Today’s spotlight lands on Mr. Dominic Cooper. If you live in the UK I’m sure you’ve known about him for some time, however if you live in the States you may not be. […]

Under-Rated Actress: Keira Knightley

keira knightley

There aren’t a whole lot of actresses I really truly admire. Apart from Natalie Dormer, who I have loved in nearly everything she’s done, there is really only Keira Knightley whom I’d like to swap places with. Known mostly for her role in Pirates of the Caribbean, she has done a quite a lot prior […]

Under-Rated Actor: Bernard Cribbins


Everyone once in a while an actor or actress will stick with me for one reason or another. Those few special people I like to pay tribute to here. I share with you all what I think is special about said actor/actress. I’ve done posts on Natalie Dormer and Jerome Flynn thus far, so now […]

Under-Rated Actor: Jerome Flynn

It’s rare to find character actors in today’s society of hot young ‘it’ people. When I say character actor, I mean that in the best possible way. Character actors are my favorite type of actors. A character actor to me is someone like Thelma Ritter, someone who added spice, substance, and edge to a film […]

Under-Rated Actress: Natalie Dormer

Any woman who has played the Queen Mother twice, has to be a hell of a woman! Enter Natalie Dormer, the most under rated actress in film and television. Though her work includes The Tudors, Captain America, W.E., and Elementary. You probably have only taken notice of her as of late because of Game of Thrones, […]