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I ran across Our Nerd Home on Twitter. The adorable icon, the name, and most importantly the content is what drew me in. Everything from the Polaroid coasters (which reminded me of my own Whovian ones) to the Doctor Who (Baker) rug was fantastic! I’d finally found people with the dedication to Nerd-out their home! I PM’ed them within minutes and have been chatting with them since. Read on to hear a more about Kat and Cam of Our Nerd Home….

Our Nerd Home is a geek blog from happily nerdy couple Kat & Cam. Filmmakers by day, vintage furniture collectors by weekend, and gamers by night – they started Our Nerd Home to share their love of geek culture and DIY projects with their friends and family. Cam has a background in woodworking with Nick Offerman’s Woodshop, and Kat is a former geek content writer, whose work has appeared on IFC, AOL, Spike TV, E! and more.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of our inspiration for projects comes from traditional home decor, and us trying to figure out how to put a geek spin on it. We were looking for new cabinet pulls for our kitchen a couple of years ago, so instead made some using a Han Solo ice cube tray – and when we decided we wanted a fireplace in our house, but it was just a rental, we made an 8-bit fire because we were in the middle of another Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past playthrough. Other designs come from putting twists on design trends. When a lot of people started putting faux taxidermy on their walls, we went with Wampa head taxidermy. Some projects are silly things we assume no one else will care about, but are fun for us – MST3K projects, Claptrap trash bin, things like that.

What are your favorite Fandoms?

One of us would say Star Wars and the other would say Star Trek, but we each love both of them. We’re obsessive Borderlands players, love 80’s films – Labyrinth, Robocop, Predator, Back to the Future; love zombie and horror films, and are both old school gamers and lifelong comic book readers.

How much trial and error is there in your crafts?

A lot! More than we ever talk about on the blog. We often end up with two or three versions of the projects we make – one crooked/messy/uneven version, and the one that ends up in the actual post. We’ve also made a few projects that just didn’t work out, and never made it onto the blog.

Does cost efficiency play a part in your designs?

Absolutely. Both cost and time efficiency are really important to us. We make these projects for fun, we don’t always know if they’ll work out, so we don’t want to spend a bunch of money and don’t want our readers to spend a bunch of money.

What had been your most challenging DIY?

The Wampa head taxidermy took a lot of trial and error, and a lot of taking it apart and putting it back together again. One of our earliest projects was an 8-bit heart meter headboard, and since that was done with a jigsaw, it took a little more time than some of our other designs. Oh, and the Death Star disco ball took FOREVER, since we hand glued on hundreds of tiny sequins.

What is your favorite DIY you have created?

We made a big set of geeky dishes, and we still use them quite a bit, and every once in awhile make a new one to add to the collection. Our LEGO minifigure display frame gets a ton of use, since we change out the minifigures every month. And the 8-bit fire is the one that we’ve gotten the most people sending us photos of their own interpretation of the project, so we love that.
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    magistra says

    Our Nerd Home is definitely one of my favorite sites! It’s great that you interviewed them because I think anybody who loves game culture, Sci Fi, pop culture, etc. would enjoy the site, too. It’s entertaining writing, geeky intelligent problem solving, noteworthy and excellent quality DIY, with a really interesting couple that you wish were your neighbors! Just my humble opinion, haha!

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    Christa Stephens says

    I just found both of your blogs today & I’m loving them both! Their projects are right up my alley & are giving me great ideas for our guest bedroom, which we’re giving the Nerd version of a Hard-Rock Hotel treatment Thanks for a great interview!

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