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Espionage Cosmetics is a nerd makeup company. Yep, that’s right, your prayers have been answered! I first heard of them because I saw someone wearing their amazing nail wraps. Some of you may remember that I wore their Time Lord ones back in May for my birthday. They’re incredibly durable. Trust me, my nails take a beating. So when I heard they were coming out with a beta subscription box of their merchandise I was quick to jump on board! It’s similar to the idea of the ipsy bag or birchbox.


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 So it’s no surprise I was thrilled when I got this email….

Congratulations Fellow Nerd Misfits!

You have officially been selected as one of the few, hand-picked, super-duper special Espionage Cosmetics “Beta Me!” testers for our monthly subscription box service!

Yup, I got to be one of the chosen few! For the next three months, I’ll receive a box from Espionage with goodies! But not to worry if you didn’t get in on this, subscription boxes are going to be released to the masses in January.


So what did come in the box? Glad you asked. In the box came four sets of nail wraps, a nail file, and a humidor. Why a humidor? It’s to keep the nail wraps ‘fresh’. It’s a safe place to store your wraps. As their website says ‘for best results store in a dry place away from sunlight’. You can also store unused nail wraps in the humidor. I only used half my Time Lord so I store the second half.


Making my Time Lord @espionage_cosmetics go a long way…. #doctorwho #naileditec

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The nail wraps I got were Batty, For Science, Metal Man, and Pirates Ahoy! I think my favorite is probably ‘For Science’. It’ll go great with a Whovian or Cosima cosplay. Though Batty is cool, it’s something I wouldn’t wear till around Halloween. Since the Metal Man design isn’t super geeky, it can really go with anything which is awesome! I plan to wear it for a night out. And finally, Pirates, Ahoy! The design on this one is so good it’s like finding pirate treasure! Check out that treasure map! Can’t wait to bring my pirate costume out of the closet for this one. Now I just have to find a pirate party to go to!



All in all, the box is worth it. The only nail wrap I’m not really thrilled about is the Batty one, since like I said it’s something I have to wait till October to wear. I got the box just before Comic Con in July so that’s a ways off. For Science and Pirates, Ahoy! are definitely my favorites of the box. Can’t wait to see what’s in the next box! Will report back with news!

In the meantime check out Espionage’s website

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