Game of Thrones Direwolf Bleach T-Shirt

I’ve been seeing a lot of these bleach t-shirts lately so I wanted to create a Game of Thrones one for you guys! So here’s the Direwolf Bleach t-shirt how to guide! I chose the House Stark direwolf because a) I love the Starks, but b) because I knew it would be an easy design to transfer. You’re of course welcome to do any design, but know that the more complex the image, the harder it will be to cut out.

Image (direwolf)
Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencil Film
Tape (double stick and regular)
Shoe Box
X-acto Knife
Stray Bottle
1) I printed out this image below on a full page. I put it sideways because I wanted it to print landscape so the whole direwolf head printed out. Feel free to click on the image and use it to print yours.
(printed out)
2) Use whatever t-shirt you like. I found one for a couple bucks at Michael’s in their discount section. Different colored shirts will produce different bleach colors. (ie. Black shirt=red bleach)


3) Get the Martha Stewart Adhesive Stencil Film to make your stencil. I cut a piece the same size as my direwolf and taped it to an old shoe box I don’t care about messing up.

4) Tape your direwolf on top of your stencil paper. Using and x-acto knife carefully cut around the direwolf. Press hard enough that you go through to the blue side of the stencil film. Don’t forget to cut the eye out as well! The other nice thing about this image is that it doesn’t have to be perfect since it’s jagged originally. I’d recommend cutting slowly and holding the image with your other hand to help it stay still.

5) Once you’ve cut it out, it should look something like this.
6) Place it on your t-shirt how ever you like. To avoid it moving around put a couple of pieces of double stick tape on the back.
7) Go outside for this bit because you’ll smell up your house if you don’t! Take a spray bottle and put in half water and half bleach. If you want more control I’d put less bleach so that you can build up the bleaching. Spray where you’d like. I also took the cap of the spray bottle off and sprinkled around the image with the excess on the tubing. Be careful not to get this on the clothes you’re actually wearing, it will bleach them.
8) Once you have the desired effect, take it inside and rinse out the bleach. This way it doesn’t bleach it any further. Let it dry and you’re done!
Your Friend, Elle


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