I Tried a Scrambled Homemade Hair Mask

Photo credit: Gareth Wall

Photo credit: Gareth Wall

I was trolling Pinterest the other day and ran across ‘20 of the Best Hair Tips You’ll Ever Read‘. Now rightly so, I was suspicious, because most of the time these articles have tips that are on everyone else’s list. One you’ve read one, you’ve read them all. However, I was pleasantly surprised when this list actually had some new tips to add, like ‘Know Your Brushing Basics’ and ‘Know Your Curls’. The latter was actually what got me to click on the post. The chart below which was featured on the ’20 of…’ article is actually from The Beauty Snoop. This is a fantastic little curl guide chart!


Any who, so I decided to try one of the tips from the article. I chose what I like to call the Scrambled Homemade Hair Mask, or as they called it, the ‘Put An End to Split Ends’. I figured what could I loose, it’s all house hold items right? So I scrambled the egg yolk, honey, and olive oil together. It made a nice orangey goo. Left it on my hair for an hour and then showered as directed. 


It didn’t harm my hair, but it didn’t seem to help either. If you want to try this yourself go ahead, but I won’t promise awesome results, or any for that matter. Sometimes home-made remedies are the best, but in this case I don’t think it did squat. 

Your Friend, Elle

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