Looks for Less: Sarah Connor & The Terminator


This past weekend was the first weekend I’ve had the chance to relax since my trip to Europe and Comic Con. I wanted to see something I didn’t have to think about. No complex, in-depth, mind benders. A simple rock em’ and sock em’. So what did I go see? Terminator Genisys! It was a first-rate action packed movie! I won’t lie, part of the reason why I wanted to see this film is because of Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). She did spectacularly as Sarah Connor! I’ve asked Wear What You Watch to create a look based off Sarah and the Terminator. Make sure to check out the other Looks for Less here on my blog. Also make sure to check out her page for even more awesome sets! As always, these items are chosen with budget in mind.



Your Friend, Elle

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