Must Watch: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

     If ever there was a show I would call my guilty pleasure, aside from Gossip Girl, it would be Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I originally had interest in watching this show after seeing a Youtube video with Billie Piper discussing whether David Tennant or Matt Smith was the better kisser. I had no idea Billie had ever met Matt, let alone kissed him! Well she did on Secret Diary…talk about a lucky gal! Any who, it had faded from my mind until I was in London trying to watch Sherlock on Netflix and ran across it. Note, they have different programs on Netflix UK than they do on Netflix USA. I decided to give the show a shot; boy I wasn’t disappointed. 

     This series is based on the book “The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl,” so hey it has to have some small amount of truth to it. It was later revealed to be written by a scientist for goodness sake! Set in London, the series revolves around Hannah Baxter, played by Billie Piper (of Doctor Who fame). Hannah, as you can probably guess, lives a secret life as a call girl. Being a call girl is a lot more classy than it sounds. Her escort name is Belle de Jour, take from that what you will. She has to balance between her real life and her professional life. It gets to the point that she has separate rooms for each persona. This becomes increasingly difficult when the two collide. What I like best about Hannah/Belle is that she’s utterly honest. She does the job because she likes it, not because she’s trying to pay off school loans or needs to feed  her non-existent children. Her best friend Ben, is her only link between the two worlds, and at some points the only thing helping her hold onto sanity. The lies build up and the truth spills out when you least expect it. 

     Hannah/Belle speaks directly to the audience, something we aren’t used to, but it does wonders for this show. Note, don’t try to watch this show in the airport like I did. It’ll get real awkward, real soon. She’s a call girl for a reason, being clothed isn’t a requirement. Another note, after watching this series I’ve suspected a friend of mine of being a call girl, so you may want to start taking what advice Hannah/Belle gives and pay attention. No word yet if my friend is actually a call girl, but only time will tell. Give this series a shot, it’s on Netflix UK, else you can probably find it somewhere…

                                                                                      Your Friend,
Your Friend, Elle


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