Nerd Out App Crowdfunding Campaign


I have to confess…I’ve been keeping something from you all. Two somethings actually. I’ve been working on an app for the last 3 months. Shortly after Wondercon I came up with the idea to create an app for nerd related events. A one-stop shop for all your event dates! Included in the app is the ability to build your own schedule, set alerts for events, and connect with friends. But before I yammer on too much, just go ahead and check out the campaign page for Nerd Out!

I know a lot of you visit my blog for nerd related posts so this is right up your alley! I would love it if you would share with your friends and family! Let’s make this happen! Make sure to also check out Nerd Out‘s social media pages!

The second part is that I will be on a Comic Con panel! It’s called Jet Set Nerds! The panel will be on Thursday at 3pm! I’ll be on the panel with some lovely ladies! Anastasia Washington and I have become fast friends since Wondercon and she’s now also a Geek Girl Brunch officer with me for Los Angeles. Let me know if you’ll be there. Would love to meet you!

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Your Friend, Elle


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