Nerd Out: Final Countdown


If you’ve read my previous post Nerd Out Crowdfunding Campaign, you know that I’ve been working on a nerd event app. Events like those you see in the banner above. Game of Thrones trivia nights, Doctor Who Day, and Back to the Future screenings. This has been my passion project since April. I have been working tireless on it since then and largely by myself. I have had a few wonderful friends proof read and beta test it, it is me behind the wheel. Today is the last day for the crowd funding campaign. While the campaign has been running I’ve been figuring out how to best bring you the most amazing app. I’ve created a basic version of the app on a template. That template is available on android and apple as of this past Friday. The money raised thus far is being used for the registration fees for Google and Apple, the domain costs for our website, and the fees to publish the basic version of the app. Please make sure to share the campaign page with your family and friends as well as letting them know to download the app! Your help at any level brings this fantastic app one step closer to you!

Your Friend, Elle

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