Party Ideas: Once Upon A Time

By popular demand here is a guide for a Once Upon A Time Party! With the new season approaching now is a good time to get party planning. As always, I love to decorate but don’t like paying a lot for it so I’ve once again planned this around cost. Take from it what you will, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or if you do have a Oncer party I want to see pictures! Make sure to check out my other party planning posts as well!

No party happens without Invitations!
Get creative and find some cool paper!

(photo source:
Storybrooke Sign
Make sure your guest know they’re entering
Storybrooke! Make one at home, or print one
off the Internet.
Retro Disney Posters
To be honest, you’re better off printing these
at home unless you want them in really good quality.
If you’re just using them for the party, just print at home.
(photo source: Mirror
Find a cheap mirror at your local consignment shop.
Paint the edge black if you’d like.

Pirate Steering Wheel
Depending on how much you want to pay,
you can pick your wheel.
does have them for pretty cheap.

(photo source:

Yellow Beetle
You can find one for your table as little at

(photo source:

Cheap and you can use them as party favors as well!

(photo source:

Neverland Map
You have to know your way to the second star
on the right, right?

(photo source:

Sea Shells
Either find them on the beach, or fork (pun intended)
out some cash. Note, sometimes they aren’t cheap.

Any party store or craft store will have crowns!
Everyone wants to feel like a princess right?

Gold Utensils
You can tell your friends Rumpelstiltskin made them,
that or Kind Midas. Any party store will have plastic gold utensils.

Tea Cups
Make sure to have your tea cups out for Belle.
You can find cheap ones at a consignment shop!

Themed Food
This works best when you use your imagination!

(photo source:

(photo source:

Heart Jello Mold
These are really cheap, and so is Jello!
Win! Win!

(photo source:

Themed Drinks
You can make any kind of drinks you want obviously,
just get creative with the naming. Example: Captain Hook’s Rum,
Love Potion, Spiked Apple Juice, or Wishing Well Water.

Candy Apples
Of course Candy Apples are a go to item. Though,
they are hard on the teeth so what I do is slice them up.

(photo source:

Cupcakes are always a good desert option, and easy!
You can decorate them like in the photo below, but they maybe
difficult. I’d recommend chocolate toppers as they are easier
to make.

(photo source:

Party Favors
Party favors are a dying art, but any good party has them.
Lotions and such are always good for a ladies party!
Get creative and name them as you’d like!

(photo source:

Your Friend, Elle


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    Lisa Brown says

    Hey I have just finished reading this post on summer party ideas; you know I had also used same Swans and Sea Shells in my party that you have used in decoration. They were looking very nice in my party decoration.

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