Party Ideas: Orphan Black Clone Club

Sorry for the delay Clone Club-ers, I have finally completed the ultimate Orphan Black party list! One Felix and Allison would definitely approve of! Below, I’ve put together a list of ideas for a Clone Club inspired party. Take from it what you will, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or if you do have a party I want to see pictures!

 While email and Facebook events work, there’s nothing like a good
old fashioned card in the mail to invite your friends to your party!
Get some at my store here!

Dress Up
Encourage your friends to dress up as their favorite clone!
The wonderful Wear What You Watch has tons of ideas
to help you out! See them here!

(Image from with OB Artwork
You can find some fantastic fan art to order or print at home to
decorate your walls! Here are some that I found….

(Image from

(Image from

Music Playlist

Make sure your party has an excellent playlist!
Check out the list I complied here.

Craft Time with Allison

Some people are crafty, some aren’t, so make sure whatever
craft you pick (ie. jewelry, etc) that’s it’s simple enough for everyone.

Who Is Your Monitor Game
(aka Who Am I?)

We’ve all played this game as a kid. Make cards with each
character’s names on it, hand them out randomly to everyone.
Then ask questions until you guess your friend’s character!
First person to guess correctly, wins!

Depending on what clone you want to go with, you can
decorate like a lab (Cosima), art studio (Felix), or the DYAD.

Make sure to have that Jell-o ready for the Helena(s).
Enough said…

Drinks Trolley
Make sure you have the drinks trolley out too. Else
you may have some very angry clones. Have from
wine ready for Allison!

Quote and Accent Challenge
Get index cards and write quotes on them. Person who

answers the most right wins! Or you can challenge your
friends to do them in each accent. You may need a drinks
trolley in order to convince them ;-P

Pink Phones
As a party gift, get your friends pink phone covers.
Now they can officially be a part of the Clone Club.

Party on Clones, party on…

Your Friend, Elle


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