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This past Saturday, May 9th, was the first ever Nerder Mysteries themed dinner theater. Aboard the majestic Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, my friends and I had a fantastic time! We drove down from Los Angeles for the day as this was my late birthday celebration. Upon boarding the ship we were greeted and checked in by Nerder Mysteries staff. Handed an U.N.I.T. folder with an overview of the case and a list of the characters and cast members. 


It was so wonderful to see so many of the attendees dresses up as their favorite Whovian characters. I went as the TARDIS, while my friends went as a U.N.I.T. solider, 11th Doctor, and Sherlock Holmes. We were quite the eclectic table. Tables were decorated with TARDIS popcorn holder center pieces, union jack flags, jelly babies (we ate these pretty much the moment we sat down), and jammie dodgers. 

The event began with a rendition of ‘500 Miles’, which definitely helped get the attendees going while also setting the tone of the event. An introduction by Isaac Pierce and Katie Aiani, co-founders of Nerder Mysteries followed (pictured below). Before kicking off the main event, a short film done by some Whovians was shown. It’s nice that they featured a follow Whovian’s short film, however I felt that it took me out of the experience a bit. I was there to experience Doctor Who live, not watch a short film I could see later on the internet.


Shortly after the show finally began! The story incorporated three different doctors! 10, 11, and 12 were all there. 12 played by Doc in the Box, did a perfect job of portraying Peter Capaldi’s ‘not your boyfriend’ attitude. Though his accent went in and out a bit, I didn’t bother me in the least because he kept the emotion of the character going throughout. 11 played by Mad Man Cosplay did a great job of mimicking Matt Smith’s jumpiness, however I felt he took that a little too far, in lacking eye contact with the other characters. 10 played by Isaac (Time and Space Cosplay), I’ve seen cosplay before at Wondercon so I had no doubt he would do splendidly. And he most certainly rose to the occasion as event MC as well. Since the story did jump timelines, it would have been nice if they had let us know the year as it would have helped the audience keep up with the story.

Apart from the Doctors, my favorites were Sarah Jane (played by Jeanette Mills) and Astrid (played by Tiffany Taylor). I was literally floored by K-9 which was built by Nerdy Events. K-9 not only moved but talked! As with any event there was hiccups, but they were handled splendidly by the first timers. They not only kept the audience engaged, but they kept it Who-related and entertaining. There was some video they played as part of the story, but as I said before, I was there to see Doctor Who live, so I preferred seeing them act out the scenes instead. We were allowed to make two guesses, one at intermission, and another at the end. I thought we should have won by default since we had Sherlock, but alas we did not 😉

After the event we were allowed to roam the Queen Mary which my friends and I took advantage of. All in all, it was a well worth it event and I eagerly look forward to their next event. I’m told it will be of the wizard variety in November so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

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