Travel Tales: Hampton Court – Part 2


The day that I was at Hampton Court Palace they were setting up for a concert. I didn’t stick around for it so I have no idea what it was like, but I can image it must have been awesome. One of the women at YHA Oxford Street told me she had gone to another concert there and it was magnificent. I’ll take her word for it. 


I wandered around some of the galleries after watching the time plays. There’s some really fascinating art at Hampton Court, like this piece below. I really liked how they painted the water. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that before. I then found myself in Cardinal Thomas Wolsey’s apartments. It has been changed quite a bit since his time because of the modifications and rebuilding by William III of England. There’s some graffiti in his fireplace that says ‘Who tries it, knows it.’ Not quite sure what to make of that, but I gave me something to think about while I made my way through the rest of the gallery. 

One of the best things about Hampton Court is that they give you the opportunity to really feel like you’re part of the palace. Allowing you to take a walk in the Tudor shoes as it were. Or more correctly, take a seat in a royal chair. There were wooden thrones throughout the gallery to give you a moment to take in what each person was feeling. While the audio guide went through the information and stories, it was nice to sit and absorb. When I was going through this gallery there was not another soul around so I took my time and let it sink in. What it must have been like to be there in Tudor times? For Henry? For Catherine? For Wolsey?


Next I was onto the ‘newer’ section of the palace, the part rebuilt by William III of England, or as you may know him, William of Orange. Take a good look at these photos and you’ll see this room is decorated with swords, guns, and all sorts of weaponry. If I recall correctly, they have to take it down every few years and clean everything. I do not envy whomever has that job.

The rest of this section of the palace is a long walk from room to room, railroad rooms if you will. I don’t recall anything particular about these rooms other than they belonged to William III of England and his wife Queen Mary II. They were beautiful and incredibly decorated though…

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