Travel Tales: Hampton Court – Part 3


Let’s continue with the section of Hampton Court Palace that was remodeled by William III of England and his wife Queen Mary II. I’ll be honest, I don’t recall too much about William of Orange from history class. So I’m posting this video to give you a short refresher course. It’s just a short recap on parts of his reign.


His office I actually found to be quite small for a King. Though the view of the gardens from there was beautiful. You can see an image of the toilet as well. Lovely isn’t it? I’d love a key like that to my apartment! I wonder how heavy it is. The long hallway from his office to the other rooms reminds me of Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors a bit. There’s no mirrors in this hallway, and it’s not nearly as grand, but it still was reminiscent to me. I find the statue of the woman with the snake hilarious. Quite the conversation piece it must have been back then. Two or three more rooms and then you exit back into Base Court. This is where you’ll find the famed fountain. 

In 2010, a working recreation of the famed fountain was unveiled. The original was created in Henry the 8th time, where it used to have wine pouring from it. These days, on weekends and bank holidays red and (chilled) white wine run from it. ‘Inspired by the discovery of the remains of a 16th century conduit (or fountain) during a major archaeological dig at Hampton Court Palace in 2008, the new fountain’s design is based on detailed historic research into wine fountains that were commonly used during festivals and celebrations by Henry VIII (reigned 1509 – 1547).’ If any of you watched the Tudors, you’ll know this fountain. The motto faicte bonne chere quy vouldra (‘let he who wishes make good cheer’) is featured on the gorgeous fountain. Can I get one installed at home????

Hampton Court Palace – Part 2

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